This documentation provides information on each command including the description, usage and examples.

What is GameTracker Bot ?

The best GT Discord Bot for your server. With this bot you can control your server very easily.

GameTracker Features

  • GameTracker bot can give stats about your game server.
  • The bot can search stats for specific players who play on your server.
  • You can see top10 and top15 players of the server.
  • Gives you banner about players and historical stats about how many score player have or how many times playing on your server.
  • You can save ip and ip name in bot's database and search stats easily.

GameTracker Pro Features

  • You don't need to write commands to get stats about game server, one command is enough.
  • The bot have 4 modules: embedauto, messageauto, voiceauto, onlineplayers.
  • The bot refresh the modules every 15 minutes.
  • You can add log system to see changed stats for your game server(supported on messageauto)
Last modified 1yr ago